Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh hey look I have a blog...

Okay so... I haven't posted anything all semester...

In all fairness I'm making a web site this next semester, so look for that soon...

But for now I'm not going to load all of this semesters stuff into this page, but I will load it all in to the full portfolio link on the side of the page.


But here are a few things.

First some animation stuff...
These two are going to be on my youtube channel, tyler151ljb, so check them out there too.

Kinetic Type

And my How to animation

Next I have some publication design stuff.
Most of these projects I printed, but I can't put the prints on here... But I have pdfs and such so...

Here is my brochure


and Outside

Let me explain the weird shape, the four sides fold in to make a square and all of the guitar bodies line up with the neck of the guitar on the inside. I know that doesn't make all that much sense, but it's pretty cool... Ill put some pictures of the actual thing up later.
Like I said earlier, I'll put up everything else up in my full portfolio.

Thanks for reading, I know its been a while.
Like I said should have a site soon :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is it considered blog abuse to not post for almost a month?

Internship = Awesome

and busy...

Sorry for almost no posts...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holy Crap Another Post?!

I have my final printmaking project.

"Fluffy Minions"
Litho Print
edition of 16

Have a nice day :)
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Friday, April 22, 2011

The semester is almost done... Last projects being finished up and such.

Alright, so is a week of classes then finals left right now in the semester...

You know what that means...


I'm so pumped, seriously, I can't wait.

But anyway, I have some of my final projects to put up and share.

First off I have my final project for Logo Design.
Its another set of stationary for an imaginary company called SECURE.

The imaginary company does background checks and such for information sensitive companies.

There's the Letterhead

Then there's the custom envelope

And then lastly, there's the business card


On top of that I have my final Package Design project.

We did a re-branding for Montserrat Winery. We could do another on called stone hill, but I like Montserrat's Logo, so...

Montserrat is a local winery here in MO. Knob Noster, MO to be exact.

So we had to design a Red and a White wine label for them, and here is both my red and white in one picture.

Almost all of that is digital by the way. I really like how that project turned out.

And then lastly we had to make a gift bag/box/container for the newly labeled wines we made. So here is my gift bag.

Thanks for reading
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Why is it my posts are always huge?

So I only have one thing to put up right now that has to do with school...

Haha... I'm slowly moving away from having anything school related, except here and there, to put on here...

But remember that Logo that I put up in my last post.

Well that project is finished, and I have photos of the golf ball box.*

Also I just finished the second printmaking project.

Besides, that I have a lot of freelance stuff, but like always I can't put all of it up yet. It will come along with time though.

For now here is the chapter day shirt for my fraternity.



The other stuff, I can't put up until it launches, or the day of the event, and stuff like that so...

Thanks for Reading
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*If I haven't been clear about this project for package design, its because I'm pretty sure that no body in our class actually knew 100% what we were supposed to do... So just go with it...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Big projects, Big projects...

Not much to say here except,
This summer I have a internship and its looking like its going to be awesome!

Along with that I am working on a freelance project right now, but I'm not sure if that stuff will go up here.

But anyway, until then, I still have school work, so here is some more stuff.

First off, here is a revisited version of that logo I put up on my last post.

Next is a more technical project than a creative project.
Label copy time.

And then lastly, for now, I have stationary for a imaginary brewery in New Orleans.



Business Card

That's it for now.
Thanks for reading
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello Internet Land

Hey, so I know this whole not updating very much thing sucks but, hey, I'm really busy this semester. Just though I'd say something so I can show that I do remember that I have a blog...


I have a couple projects that are getting close to done, and one that wont be done for a while, but for now I leave you with this sweet logo...

Like I said more to come. but that all for now.
Thanks for reading
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